Chinese Wooden Bathtubs, handcrafted from fragrant cypress.
Tubs and tables shipped out of Port Townsend and Aberdeen, WA.
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Personal Experiences

Our tubs are made to beautify the inside bathroom


                    I canít begin to tell you how pleased my wife and I are with our new tub. As you might recall I had vacationed at a beach home that had a wooden tub outside in a cabana. I fell in love with it and went on a mission to find one for myself. Fortunately for us we found you and your tubs. Not only was your price considerably better than others I had found but Iím confident I got the highest quality of any out there. Not to mention how pleased I was to work with you. Your customer service focus is clearly not that of a lot of ďinternet stores?Iíve dealt with in the past. I appreciate you and I love our tub.

-- Payne Walker, Florida. Tub model WB-18


   Craftsman Daniel Meyer's Master Bath, model WB-2
Tub, tiles and other green products purchased @ 510 Interiors, Olympia, Washington
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We love it. We take a bath twice per day, sometimes alone, sometimes together. We leave the water in overnight a lot and sometimes I take a cold dip in the morning.We seldom use the chair in the tub, but we do use it in front of the TV since we sit on the floor anyway. Is that too much detail?

-- Mukhya and Heridev, Juneau, Alaska. Tub model WB-18


I bought one of these tubs after taking a bath in one at Henan Province, China. I was building a cabin in Sitka, Alaska and purchased the tub before the cabin was finished. The cabin was taking too long to finish.  I could not wait to soak in my wooden tub.  Luckily, I have hot and cold water outside, so I was able to fill the tub and have a most pleasurable bath on the porch of my cabin. It was approximately 52 degreess.  I have 2 small 28 gallon hot water tanks.  After half  an hour of a wonderful hot bath, I got out totally refreshed.  Fantastic.  Seeing is believing. Taking a bath is heaven.

-- Mike M., Sitka, Alaska

This tub is now installed inside. However, the owner could not wait to use it and used it while it was outside. The installation can be viewed on the HOME Page



A few years ago I broke my back and now suffer from chronic low back pain.  Reclining and laying down are the only body positions that do not intensify this pain. While visiting my old home town of Sitka, Alaska I visited a life-long friend building a new house. I noticed he had one of the tubs that Qi East Qi West is importing.  The beautiful wooden craftmanship and contoured back rests inspired me to take a closer look.  My back was screaming in pain, there was no where else to sit, so I decided to "try it out for size."  Being 6'2" tall, I find most tubs are too small to bathe in comfortably.  However, not only did I fit into the tub comfortably, and could stretch out my legs, sitting in it gave my back instant relief.  I had never felt so relaxed in any other tub...had the tub been plumbed, I'd have asked my friend if I could take a hot bath. All I could say when my friend saw me sitting in the tub is, "Where can I buy one of these?"

-- Garri C., Juneau, Alaska


However some people have put our tubs outside with good results

This is not the intended use but can give some amazing experiences


This poupourri comes from Baranoff, Warm Springs Bay Alaska:

The tub is 100% perfect as the day it arrived at Baranoff. It's in full use, hot water pouring in to it 24 hours a day and grateful fishermen are reviving themselves in it with greatest pleasure. I got out notes from the store of what people have said, plus little notes people left by the tub as follows:

"This tub is amazing! It more comfortable than my sofa! I wanted to stay all night!"

"I've never seen a tub like this! It feels so great to lounge in!"

"My wife had to drag me out of this tub!"

"This beautiful tub is a truly luxurious experience!"

"This tub has transformed my ideas of what getting clean is all about."

"This tub is the most beautiful thing that could ever happen to a bathroom..and the nicest thing that ever happened to my aching body..oh boy, I love it!"

This amazing and beautiful tub is totally exotic! And so comfortable! I totally drifted off in it!"

"I want a tub like this for my living room!"

"This is the most gorgeous tub I have ever seen..I didn't want to get out!"

There's more, mostly there are big THANK YOU's!

"From the minute we put this beautiful tub in our public hotsprings bathhouse steady streams of people asked where on earth we'd found such an amazing tub..they wanted the whole story! It makes conventional tubs look very dull. In addition to being a genuine work of art, after literally thousands of people have used it, it is thhe same gleaming perfection as the day we got it! It is as tough and durable as it is georgeous!" 

-- Christine, Baranoff, Alaska


Oh My Goddess, just took my first tub out on the patio under the stars, with the smell of sweet liliqoui, angel trumpets, and tropical night smells all around. The sounds of the buffos in the background. When I realized i could be fully stretched out, what bliss !!! The feel of the smooth wood against skin was most exciting. John is now taking his turn and I hear gentle rains. Thanks again, Melinda

-- Melinda, Maui, Hawaii. Tub Model WB-1

Though the tubs are made for indoor use some customers are giving the tubs a try outdoors. We suggest they be protected from direct sunlight and freezing temperatures


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