Chinese Wooden Bathtubs, handcrafted from fragrant cypress.
Tubs and tables shipped out of Port Townsend and Aberdeen, WA.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Qi East Qi West LLC Handcrafted Tubs, Sinks and Accessories

Q: What type of wood is used?
A: The wood used is Fragrant Cypress, grown in managed forests, harvested every 28 years.

Q: How long does it take to craft a tub?
A: WB-1 takes about 50 days to hand craft.

Q: What are the products finished with?
A: Products are first coated with Epoxy then over-coated with Polyurethane. They have a smooth satin finish.

Q: How do you keep them clean?
A: Use a mild soap, water and a sponge or soft cloth to clean. Oil soaps and orange spray cleaners are suitable to use. Avoid products such as Pledge or others that contain silicone. Do not use steel wool or abrasive cleaning products.

Q: Do the tubs leak?
A: If left for an extended period of time, without use, in dry conditions, a tub may leak or weep. It may be necessary to keep the tub hydrated by other means if you are leaving for an extended period of time. For instance, leave an inch of water in the tub and cover with a wrap to keep moisture in. The tubs love water, use your tub often, at least once or twice a week.

Q: What happens if I come back from vacation and my tub develops a leak?
A: Because the tubs are made of wood they respond to water very well, not unlike a wood boat. Partially fill the tub with water, if leak is low fill tub a few inches above. Begin using the tub again and it will heal itself.

Q: How do I keep them in good condition?
A: The tubs love water, use your tub often, once or twice a week. The tubs maintain a warm, honey-colored satin finish with ordinary cleaning and use.

Q: Do the tubs need to be refinished periodically?
A: This should not be necessary. Though if an unforeseen ding or scratch occurs the following are suggestions to repair the tub:
If the surface has a scratch, use fine sand paper to prepare the area then coat with Polyurethane.
If you drop something on the tub and cause a dent prepare surface as above and coat with Polyurethane.
If it is severe you may use wood powder and glue to fill the area, sand and coat with Polyurethane.


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